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How to Get a Passport


U.S. Passports - Mexico Insurance CAThough you don’t need a passport to enter Mexico from the United States, you do need one to return. A passport is valuable for those who like to travel outside of the country. You should know that obtaining a passport does take some time unless you pay an extra fee. Below we give you the steps to take when trying to obtain a passport.

  1. The first step to getting your passport is filling out your application. On your application, you will decide which passport is best for you. There are three forms to choose from.
    1. DS-11- This passport is for those who are filing for the first time. This form is also used for children under the age of 16 who are applying or renewing. If the child is 16-17 and applying for the first time then they’d use this form as well.
    2. DS-82- This form is specifically for anyone 18 and over who is renewing their passport.
    3. DS-55-4- This form is for travelers who changed their name within a year of receiving their passports. You’d also need to fill out this form if there is an error that needs correction on your passport.
  2. When applying for your passport, you’ll need some documents. These documents include:
    1. Proof of citizenship
    2. A form of identification
    3. Proof of relationship for children under 16
  3. Next you’ll need to get a 2’x2’ photo that meets the specified requirements. Some places will allow you to take a photo when you apply.
  4. After you have everything, you will need to calculate your fees. Fees are as follows:
    1. DS-11 & DS-82 Adult Applicants (First-Time and Renewals)
      1. Passport Book- $110
      2. Passport Card- $30
  • Passport Book & Card- $140
  1. Children under 16 (First-Time and Renewals)
    1. Passport Book- $80
    2. Passport Card- $15
  • Passport Book & Card- $95
  1. Name Change- Varies
  1. After you have everything you need, it’s time to submit! You should receive your passport in 6-8 Weeks.

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How to Get a Passport


How to Acquire a Passport | Steps to Get a Passport