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Mexican Liability Limits:

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Liability limit refers to the minimum amount of coverage legally required to operate a vehicle in a certain area.

Prior to February 2013, the liability limits in Mexico required about $100,000 coverage to be safe while travelling in Mexico and all states therein. The limits on liability insurance for Mexican auto insurance policies are based upon labor laws.

When changes to Article 502 of the code of Labor Laws went into effect on February 4 of this year, it caused ripple effects on liability insurance requirements.

How can labor laws affect my insurance responsibilities?

Prior to the changes made to Article 502 , the country used the following calculation to determine indemnity amount for an at-fault driver involved in an accident that resulted in death.

Indemnity for accidental death was equal to 750x the minimum daily wage in pesos in the state in which the accident occurred. When divided by 13 for monetary conversion, this resulted in indemnity values very seldom over 100,000 American dollars.

The recent changes to the article stipulate that the daily multiplier for indemnity will now be 5,000x and minimum wages have also changed slightly. Now, being at fault in an accident where someone dies in parts of Baja California can cost you over $230,000.00.

These changes to Mexican liability law have prompted most major Mexican insurance companies to recommend a minimum liability limit of $300,000, and honor this new Mexican liability limit even on policies issued before February 4  2013 .

 In some cases you could actually be charged more than liability insurance would cover even in your home state in Canada or the US, so it’s time to take shopping for Mexican auto insurance just as seriously as getting a deal on great domestic auto insurance. 

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