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Mexico  Auto Insurance


If you take occasional trips to Mexico in your own vehicle from Canada or the United States,  you may not be aware that your regular auto insurance coverage may not protect your vehicle from certain liabilities in the country.  In the event that you cause any damage behind the wheel or injure someone with your vehicle in Mexico, you may be held financially responsible without the right insurance. You may also experience other penalties for not having the proper insurance in Mexico.

For this reason, we help citizens of Canada and the U.S. who frequent Mexico acquire Mexico Auto Insurance. This type of auto liability insurance is perfect for those who need extra coverage when traveling south of the border.  The insurance will cover you for as long as you’re in Mexico. Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage Includes:

Liability Coverage- This is standard insurance coverage that protects you from damages to people, property, and other vehicles when in Mexico.

Medical Payments- In case you are injured in a collision, this coverage will protect you from expensive medical fees.

Legal Assistance- If someone in Mexico opens a lawsuit against you due to vehicle-related incidents, your legal expenses will be covered.

Collision- This policy protects your vehicle from damage caused in a collision.

Theft- If your car is stolen, this coverage will take care of the costs of getting a rental car and fixing any damage that occurred during the theft.

Do not travel to Mexico in your vehicle without being totally protected. If you get into a collision in Mexico without the proper coverage, you could be taken into custody. To see how much you would have to pay for coverage, get a Mexico Auto Coverage Quote now! Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by being fully covered when you travel to Mexico.



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